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The second cohort of the Commonwealth of Learning – Skills for Work initiative will end on May 30, 2022. Commonwealth of Learning  would like to congratulate those learners who have already finished their courses. If you haven’t finished your enrolled courses yet, please do so by May 30, 2021. Your license to our learning platform (Udemy, Courses, and Grow with Google) will expire on May 30, 2022, and you will no longer be able to access the platform, complete your unfinished courses, or download certificates.

Skills for work

The Commonwealth of Learning(COL)’s Skills for Work initiative is aimed at closing the skills gap for in-demand and high-demand jobs in commonwealth nations.

Skills for Work takes a two-pronged approach:

  • Through hybrid models that apply open and distance learning techniques, it helps women, girls, youth, people with disabilities, entrepreneurs, and the unemployed at the community level to acquire relevant 21st Century, life and essential skills, and access in-country mentorship support.
  • Through varied partnership models, it enhances ODL capabilities of both TVET institutions and other non-governmental organisations involved in skill development to share and adapt open educational resources; develop capacity in blended teaching/learning practices; scale up outreach efforts; and, respond to the market needs.
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Through COL-Skills for Work Initiative, Commonwealth of Learning aims to support the efforts of Member States to disseminate skills required for decent employment and entrepreneurship and pave the way for skilling, reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning.

Commonwealth of Learning(COL) has partnered with Grow with Google, Coursera and Udemy to offer the Skills for Work Certification program which will enable Bangladeshi youth and adults to access high quality skill development courses provided through world’s leading e-learning platforms, such as, Coursera and Udemy.  

COL will offer three different certification program under the Skills for Work Initiative :

  • COL-Grow with Google Skills for Work Certification Program
  • COL-Coursera Skills for Work Certification Program
  • COL-Udemy Skills for Work Certification Program
In Bangladesh, the Certification Program is administered by Ministry of Commerce and Better Future for Women. 
Skills for Work Scholarship

three unique certification program

col - grow with google certification program

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This certification program provides job-ready skills and in 5 specialized areas – IT Automation with Python, UX Design, Data Analytics, IT Support, IT Project Management and Android Development- that can put you at work and offers opportunities to connect with the world’s top companies through Google professional certificate.

Col - Udemy certification program

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Learn skills that advance your career in a variety of fields including business, Entrepreneurship, IT Project management, personal development, Digital Marketing, Language, Marketing, communication and many more.

col - Coursera certification program

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This certification program is ideal for those who wish to attend high-quality e-learning courses developed by the world’s top universities and companies. Earn industry-recognized credentials and demonstrate your new skills by sharing your Course Certificate.

Benefits of our certification program

study online

Learn 24/7days. Anytime, Anywhere. At your own pace. Flexible schedule.

Free of cost

There is no registration and tuition fee. 100% free.

get certificate

Get a certificate upon completion of your study

call for application -THIRD cohort

We are currently accepting applications for the second cohort of the (June 2022 – December 2022) of the Commonwealth of Learning-Skills for Work Initiative. The Deadline for submission of application: 20 May 2022

HELPDESK & Social Media Support

Experts located in Bangladesh will offer help with choosing courses, and provide administrative, academic support, as well as mentorship and counseling.


Learners enrolled (as of February 2022)
Learning Partners

What our learners have to say?

It was a wonderful journey. I learned a lot along the way. Thanks to "Commonwealth of Learning - Google Skills for Work Bangladesh" for sponsoring this course. Thanks to Dr. Charles Severance. I'm lucky that I took his "Python for Everybody" before this "Google IT Python Automation" course. His course and the open book were super helpful.
Faisal Rahman
Just completed the Google Data Analytics specialization course from Coursera. I must say it's one of the best courses out there for beginners who are planning to start their career or switch their career as a Data Analyst. This course started with the very basics of data and ended up making the participants capable of completing a real-life case study by themselves.
Jonayed Tanjim
“I have received certificates and now look forward to reaching out to my old employer and also to applying for new job opportunities, I have regained my lost confidence to resume my career afresh.”
Nahida Sultana from Dhaka Bangladesh
Nahida Sultana
"Because of my day job it is not always easy to take a classroom-based course. I am very happy that now I can learn anytime and anywhere."
Lyla Nur From Chittagong
Layla Nur Kaly Lita

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